Safety and Security, SOS:

  • Avoidance of Fire Accident on Running Train Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network.
  • Women Anti-Rape Belt.
  • An Automated Anti-Theft and Misusealerting System for ATMs.
  • Self defense system for women safety with location tracking and SMS alerting through GSM network.
  • Smart girls security system.
  • Border alert and smart tracking system with alarm using DGPS and GSM.
  • Design of border alert system for fishermen using GPS.
  • Location Based System Using GPS-Fishermen SMS Alert System.
  • Women Safety using Hidden Camera.


  • Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface

Swatch Bharath:

  • How RFID is Helping Companies Reduce their Carbon Footprints.
  • An Approach for Monitoring and Smart Planning of Urban Solid Using Smart-M3 Platform Waste Management.
  • Concept, Design and Implementation of Automatic Waste Management System.
  • AI Planning-Based Service Modeling for the Internet of Things.
  • Multi-Agent Based Governance of.
  • Machine-to-Machine Systems.
  • SMART TRASH: Study on RFID tags and the recycling industry.
  • Making sense of sensor technology for smart city.
  • A Smart Waste Management with Self-Describing objects.