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IoT is an emerging field with large employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. IoT is integration of number of technologies, and covers also all sections of industry and society. We provide end to end support, incase if concept is needed, platform selection, programming, testing and presentation. We provide to almost all types of sensors, communication methods like WiFi, BLE, LoraWAN,connecting Cloud using MQTT / JSON protocol . We support complete product development in IoT.
Machine Learning is a technology that finds application in multiple areas like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transport, financial, agro,etc. Given a problem we will be able to build the solution, algorithm selection, data-set creation, selection, including dashboard to present the results like predictions. We also have set of reference solutions that could be quickly re engineered, could be used as a reference to learn and build individual solutions
AI covers a number of areas and application, image / signal processing and robotics are one prominent areas in AI. Image processing has a number of applications in the industry and knowledge of standard image processing libraries is very important and we focus on them. Object, facial detection are some of the themes of the projects we work on.
Yes, we have curriculum to accomplish this specific requirement, set of projects hardware and programming that would explode the concepts learnt as part of regular theory classes. We focus on office etiquette, development and testing processes, awareness of these projects put the candidate in advantageous positions during placements.
We have all the necessary tools to convert designed circuit to PCB, assembly both electronically and mechanically as some of the project could be mechanical in nature. we would be able to procure components that are not available in the local market, even aboard. If the requirement is to support assembly alone, we have the capacity to assembly and test, upto 20 PCB's per day, medium complexity with one CPU/MPU. Additionally we have equipment to support SMD devices.
These days school projects are not no longer simple and like toys. Social Innovation is a theme that is preferred in schools. We have a list of projects that depict social innovations that support themes like water conservation, waste management,etc.
Our internship program is customizable to mentoring for specific products. This gives the advantage to be part of our R&D team and development the product in a structured manner with support.
Absolutely yes, we will be able to assist you to convert the idea to pitch deck to present to various Government for grants and also other startup initiatives who also provide funding.
Our services are available to carefully prepare various documentation necessary for patents and we also have trusted relationship with patent filing attorney's to work directly with India patent offices.
Robotic Motion Planning is an area of importance in Robotics. Image processing is an area associated to the motion planning. We provide support in mechanical design using state of the art mechanical design tools. Specific robotics real time programming models could be used to quickly turn around projects which otherwise takes longer time.
Based on the readiness the time take would differ. If at schematic stage would take few days , if Gerber is available it would take 3 hrs time. We have complete PCB design apparatus.
This is actually our key differentiator, alongside projects one would be able to take up internship and GOAL would able to enable to be part of industry teams. From our experience,effectiveness of internship along with project delivery favourably results in employment
Our team has cumulatively 75 years of industry experience. We will be able to support industry support irrespective of the current stage of the project, technology and capability. We will be able to support across all industry verticals, we also have relationships with industry ecosystem, this could be leveraged
We have already setup LiFi labs in colleges, including one of the most reputed institutions in Udupi District. We will be able to take up both infrastructure and communication responsibilities to enable further R&D in this promising area
This can be taken in to two level , Academic and industry prospective Industry Perspective : This is a bit subjective in nature. Our experience tells us, we have managed to deliver in 3 months time, support primary set of features and demonstrable. Academic Prospective : We have managed to deliver in 20 to 30 hours of time, support primary set of features and demonstrable.
Our existence for over a decade is a manifestation of the relationship with student.IP protection is one of our primary responsibilities and guardian of our existence. we can also have NDA .
On a case to case basis we would be able to prepare for specific interviews. As part of the project support/ internship, the candidate would be specifically conditioned to handle interviews.
Our response would be, based on the skills, communications and general team ability we will be able to provide internships.