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Yes you can join the course and start your own Computer Service Center.
Yes, you can join Hardware and Networking course and there are plenty of openings in Multinational Companies.
Yes. You can join this course. Along with this, we also provide spoken English course absolutely free of cost. This course also includes ‘customer support’, 'telephone ethics’ and ‘e-mail ethics’
Yes. Goal Technologies is the authorized learning for Microsoft products in coastal Karnataka. You can attend this course and classes will be taken as per Microsoft curriculum and above all guidance will be provided to attend the Microsoft Dynamics examinations.
P.U College methodology of learning, teaching and professional college methodologies vary in many dimensions. Students find it very difficult to adapt with the professional college methodology as soon as they enter the engineering college .This results in poor performance in the first year engineering which is a very crucial year for scoring top marks which elevates the overall aggregate, absolutely essential for campus placements. P.U College education is theory based and Engineering education is more of practical oriented.Unless you get your basics right, you will not understand the concepts in Engineering.
The camp intends to teach students the principles of Science and Mathematics through Robotics, and make learning fun-filled and interactive. MISSION ROBO aims to give students in India an opportunity to get introduced to Robotics technology which is poised to bring about radical changes in many disciplines, including Manufacturing, Surgery, Services, Nuclear Technology, Research, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, etc. Robotics allows young minds to develop invaluable skills such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking and creativity—skills highly-desirable for children who will succeed in the future.