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Benefit From Certification

Microsoft Certifications are designed to demonstrate your company’s expertise to prospective customers and make you part of an elite community within the Microsoft Partner Network. You are already well aware of the benefits of being a Partner aligning with Microsoft, and having access to some of the latest released versions of Microsoft software. Now you can take advantage of special learning offers for Partners which may help more of your employees to be certified and help your organization earn a new competency.

Why choose an authorized source for your training needs?

Effective training plays a significant role in the performance of IT workers, teams, and the return on any software investment. Recent research has shown that for each new IT team member trained and certified, team performance increases. But who you choose to full the training needs of your organization can make a big di¬fference. Only Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions can provide world-class learning experiences using Official Microsoft Learning Products.

Training you can trust

Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions are the only training companies that meet Microsoft’s international standards of excellence.
Only a Certified Partner for Learning Solutions will deliver all of the following: Microsoft Certified Trainers are product experts that meet stringent certification requirements and are the only individuals authorized to deliver training based on Official Microsoft Learning Products.

Official Microsoft Learning Products are designed in cooperation with the Microsoft product development teams that built the software, so the materials come straight from the source.

These products over real-world scenarios and in-depth content for an unparalleled learning experience.

Certification readiness is the cornerstone of Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions. Microsoft Certification recognizes and validates real-world IT skills, provides access to unique resources, and offers a life-long career path of IT skills development.

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