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Linux System Architecture

Boot the System


Boot Parameters

Troubleshooting The Boot Process

Runlevels, Rebooting & Shutting down the system


Configuring Runlevels

Changing Runlevels

Starting & Stopping Services……….

Linux Installation and Package Management

Design hard disk layout


Hard Drive Partitions

Common Partition Schemes

How to Partition Using fdisk

Install a boot manager


LILO Boot Loader

Grub Boot Loader

Manage shared libraries


The ldd command

Debian Package Management


Package Naming



The Alien Tool

RPM and YUM Package Management


Yum Package Manager

GNU and Unix Commands

Working on the Command Line


The interactive shell

Shell Variables


The Command History

Manpages and the whatis database

Process text streams using filters

Text Processing Utilities

Formatting output with fmt and pr

Perform basic file management

Moving Around the Filesystem

File Archiving and Compression

Streams, Pipes and Re-directs

Input, Output, Redirection

Piped Commands

Create, Monitor and Kill Processes


Starting and Stopping Jobs

Viewing Running Processes

Sending Signals To Processes

Modify Process Execution Priorities

Using Regular Expressions


The grep family

Using Vi


Text Items

Running a Shell Command

Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Create Partitions and Filesystems

Linux File Systems

File System Formatting

Maintain the integrity of filesystems

Monitoring Disk Usage

File System Checking, Repair and Maintenance

Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems

Manually Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems

Manage Disk Quotas

Manage File Permissions and Ownership

Changing permissions and owners

SGID permissions

Create and change hard and symbolic links

Finding and Placing Files within the File Hierarchy Standard

The Linux File System

Finding Files and Directories……

Shells, Scripting and Data Management

Customize and use the shell environment


Summary of Common Commands




Customize or Write Simple Scripts

What is a shell script

Special Parameters

Conditional statements

Shell functions

Conditional Expressions

User Interfaces and Desktops

Install and Configure X11Introduction

Configuring X11R6

Controlling X clients

Choosing a Window Manager

Set Up a Display Manager

The Display Manager


Keyboard and Mouse Accessibility Options

Screen Display Settings…..

Using Additional Assistive Technologies

Administrative Tasks

Manage User and Group Accounts

Creating New Users

Working with Groups

Modifying accounts and default settings

Automate System Administration Tasks

Cron Jobs

Localization and Internationalization

Essential System Services

Maintain System Time

System Time and the Hardware clock

108.2 System Logging

Log Utilities

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basics

Mail system architecture


Aliases and mail forwarding

Managing Printers and Printing

Introducing CUPS

Legacy commands for printing

Networking Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Internet Protocol

Broadcast Address, Network Address and Netmask


IPV4 and IPV6

Basic Network Configuration

The Network Interface

Network configuration


Basic Network Troubleshooting

Configure client-side DNS

Some background on DNS

Perform Security Administration Tasks

Best Practices

Setting Up Host Security

Securing data with encryption

Introducing ssh

User Authentication

Port forwarding


Digital Signatures…..


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