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Companies throughout the world are under increased pressure to achieve more productivity out of every employee and greater return on their software investments. Official Microsoft E-Learning can help companies meet these demands in a flexible, cost-effective way. Our solutions help provide customers with the necessary early readiness, just-in-time online training, and skills to help optimize their adoption and use of Microsoft technologies, leading to higher productivity and return on investment (ROI).

Since its introduction, Official Microsoft E-Learning has been particularly popular, providing affordable, high-quality learning that is accessible anywhere, online. The robust and interactive offerings—featuring virtual labs, games, visually appealing videos, graphics, and animations—give people real-world, hands-on experience with Microsoft technologies and differentiate our products from our competitors’. New courses are published regularly to provide training on the latest technologies.
For businesses, Official Microsoft E-Learning is a cost-effective way to enhance employee training, stretch resources, and help employees acquire practical skills. For individuals, it’s a good way to enhance current skill sets, get up to speed on new Microsoft products, and/or prepare for Microsoft Certification Program (MCP) exams.

Official Microsoft E-Learning is offered in diverse ways to meet the needs of various types of organizations, skill levels, and learning styles. Learners can optimize their learning experience through a highly effective viewer that allows the user to do an assessment, access the learning, and directly connect to virtual labs—all in one offering.

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